Sheri's PFP

Command Documentation

Sheri is being rewritten for stability and optimization. We are aware of the current ongoing problems with Sheri and we are working hard to resolve these said issues.

Getting Started

If you are not new to Discord bots and/or using any Discord bots, you may skip this section.

If you have not already, add Sheri blossom to your server by using this link. The base command prefix is fur. All commands have to start with the command prefix for Sheri to recognize the commands. For an example: furhelp -- fur is the prefix and help is the command. Most of the commands Sheri has requires a few Discord permissions to properly work, Without these permissions, You will run into issues. We usually recommend giving Sheri the administrator permission that way you won't run into any permission issues. The following permissions REQUIRED for any bot to work on any Discord server is READ MESSAGES, SEND MESSAGES, and EMBED MESSAGES. If wish to utulize moderation features or other server management features to make your admin life on your server easier, then you need to grant the proper administrative permissions. In order to perform these administrative actions, the bot's role has to be above that of the user to manage the user. Discord does it this way to prevent administrative abuse from members.

Social Commands

Sheri comes jam packed with tons of interaction commands to help your members on your discord server enjoy their stay and feel loved.

All of Sheri's social commands has been carefully written with unrestricted love and care because we know that a bot without personality, love, or care is a plain bot.

The social commands are separated between SFW and NSFW (For example furhug vs furnhug), and you absolutely cannot run an NSFW command in a SFW channel. Sheri will know whether or not a designated channel is marked SFW and will present an error message accordingly. The commands are as noted below:


> > > l> >
Command Aliases Usage
boop bap, bop, boops furboop @user OR furboop @user @user @user
clean cleans, cleanup furclean @user
cuddle snuggle, snuggles, cuddles furcuddle @user OR furcuddle @user @user @user
holdN/A furhold @user OR furhold @user @user @user
hughuggles, huggies, huddles, hugs, huggle furhug @user OR furhug @user @user @user
kisskisses, kissies furkiss @user @user OR furkiss @user @user @user
licklicky, licks furlick @user OR furlick @user @user @user
nibble nibbles, wibbles furnibble @user
nuzzle wuzzle, nuzzles furnuzzle @user
wag wags furwag @user
pounce N/A furpounce @user
pickupN/A furpickup @user
kill N/A furkill @user


Command Aliases Usage
bang fuck, slam furbang @user or furbang @user @user @user
bulge buldge furbuldge @user
cocksize N/A furcocksize @user OR Mention Multiple users.
finger N/A furfinger @user
group N/A furgroup @user @user
nclean N/A furnclean @user
ncuddle nsuggle, nsnuggles furncuddle @user
nhold N/A furnhold @user
nhug nhuggles, nhuggies, nhuddles, nhugs, nhuggle furnhug @user
nkiss nkisses, nkissies furnkiss @user
nlick N/A furnlick @user
smash n/a fursmash @user @user
suck slurp, sucks, suckies fursuck @user


From quick back-and-forth interaction with a friend to stories nothing short of a novel, Sheri can help you organize and share your character for use in roleplay scenarios.

Command Aliases Usage
rp N/A furrp
Displays the various RP commands and their functions
rp channel N/A furrp channel #channeltag
Sets the output channel in which members can post their character's RP information
rp character rp char furrp char Talvi
Displays a character's information
rp create N/A furrp create
Initiates the RP character creation process. Sheri will DM a member to collect details about their character. Privacy settings must allow DMs from server members, otherwise error 403 will be returned.
rp delete rp del furrp delete Talvi
Deletes an RP character. This cannot be undone.
rp edit N/A furrp edit gender Talvi
Edit a character's details
rp list N/A furrp list
Lists a members RP characters
rp post N/A furrp post Talvi
Posts a character's information to the server's designated RP character info channel. Requires an output channel to be set with the furrp channel command.

Image Commands

Want something pretty to look at? You can get various images through Sheri.

Sheri uses REST API and her own REST API to bring you the best possible experience you can get within the internet as the way it is today.
We actively collect images and update our API on a daily basis to provide you with the best content the community/fandom has to offer. With that being said, we take absolutely no credit for any artwork that is displayed via Sheri. If you see one of your art pieces on Sheri and wish for it to be removed from the API, you have the option to have us remove it by contacting our support staff located within our Discord server. Please note that you need to provide the CDN link to the image so we know which file to remove (For example, acquired by copying the link from any image Sheri sends. The image commands are listed below:


Command Aliases Usage
bun N/A furbun
duckN/A furduck
fox N/A furfox
meow N/A furmeow
mur N/A furmur
nature N/A furnature
oink N/A furoink
snake N/A fursnake
woof N/A furwoof
woof breed N/A furwoof breed husky
woof breeds N/A furwoof breeds
wuf N/A furwuf


Command Aliases Usage
yiff N/A furyiff
yiff random rng furyiff rng
yiff spam N/A furyiff spam 1-10
bi N/A furbi
dicks N/A furdicks
femboi fembois, femboy, femboys, femboye, femboyes furfemboi
gay N/A furgay
gif N/A furgif
herm N/A furherms
lesbian N/A furlesbian
pokeporn N/A furpokeporn
pussy N/A furpussy
send gay N/A fursend gay @user
Send gay to a user or yourself if you don't include the mention
send solo N/A fursend solo @user
Send solo yiff to a user or yourself if you don't include the mention
send yiff N/A fursend yiff @user
Send yiff to a user or yourself if you don't incluse the mention
solo N/A fursolo
tease N/A furtease
traps N/A furtraps

Other NSFW

Any issues with images viewed via these commands need to be taken up with the API providers.

Command Aliases Usage
e621 N/A fure621 tags


Nekos are provided as is from Check them out. Any issues with images viewed via these commands need to be taken up with the API providers.

> >
Command Aliases Usage
neko N/A furneko
gif N/A furneko gif
kitsune N/A furneko kitsune
ngifN/A furneko ngif
nsfwN/A furnekos nsfw
sfw N/A furneko sfw

Moderation Commands

Various moderation commands are currently broken and pending to be fixed in the rewrite of Sheri v4. Broken commands will be colored red.

Message Moderation

We know and understand that with every Discord server, there is always going to be that ONE person who will spam in a channel. With these commands, you can quickly clean up everything they posted in less than 10 seconds!

Command Aliases Usage
eat all N/A fureat all 1-100
eat reactions N/A fureat reactions 1-100
eat bots N/A fureat bots 1-100
eat embeds N/A fureat embeds 1-100
eat images N/A fureat images 1-100
eat files N/A fureat files 1-100
eat user N/A fureat user @user 1-100
eat contains N/A fureat contains "insert phrase here"
slowdelete sd fursd 1-100
lockdown N/A furlockdown on or off


Need to keep track of things to make your job easier? Sheri's got you covered with her logging utilities!

Command Aliases Usage
logs channel ch, chan furlogs channel
Sets the default channel for all logging functionality
logs mbrchannel mbrch, mbrlogs furlogs mbrchannel #channeltag
Sets the channel for member joins and leaves
logs modchannel modch, modlogs furlogs modchannel#channeltag
Sets the channel for logging of mutes, kicks, and bans
logs msgchannel msgch, msglogs furlogs msgchannel #channeltag
Sets the channel for logging of message edits and deletions
logs svrchannel svrch, svrlogs furlogs svrchannel #channeltag
Sets the channel for logging of some server setting changes


Sheri offers a streamlined process to get users set up with roles while also letting them tell other members about themselves. This can be used as a "welcome gate" of sorts, offering deterrence against trolls.

Command Aliases Usage
register N/A furregister
Initiates the registration process. Sheri will DM members various questions to which answers are provided.
Privacy settings must allow DMs from server members, otherwise error 403 is returned
setreg N/A fursetreg
Returns instructions on how to set up registration in a server
setreg channel N/A fursetreg channel #channeltag
Sets the output channel in which registration information is displayed when users complete the registration process. Leave blank to set the current channel as output.
setreg roles N/A fursetreg roles
Displays a prompt detailing all of the roles which will be created in order for registration to function. Requires confirmation to execute. Note that roles cannot be renamed or deleted, but they can be recolored.
setreg toggle N/A fursetreg toggle
Toggles registration on or off. Registation is disabled by default.
unregister N/A furunregister
Removes all registration roles from a member and enables a member to register again. This is useful when a member needs to update registration information. Server staff are advised to double check a member's registration info in the event a member attempts to gain roles they should not have. (for example an underage user attempting to gain the 18+ role). This can be done by searching a member's user ID in the registration output channel, as the user ID is included in the embed.

Role and Nickname Administration

In a rush and someone bugging you to assign that dank role to them? Have no fear! Sheri is here! Need to manage nicknames for someone or even the entire server? Sheri's got you covered!

Some commands for role administration are currently broken and will be fixed upon the release of v4

Command Aliases Usage
addrole ar furar Gamers @user
Assigns a role to a user. Note that if the role name contains spaces, the following format must be used: furar "YouTube Sub" @user
massadd all N/A furmassadd all ROLENAME OR ROLE MENTION
Adds everyone to the role.
massadd bots N/A furmassadd bots ROLENAME OR ROLE MENTION
Adds all bots to the role.
massadd users N/A furmassadd users ROLENAME OR ROLE MENTION
Adds all users to the role.
massremove all N/A furmassremove all ROLENAME OR ROLE MENTION
Removes everyone from the role.
massremove bots N/A furmassremove bots ROLENAME OR ROLE MENTION
Removes all users to the role.
massremove users N/A furmassremove users ROLENAME OR ROLE MENTION
Removes every user from the role.
massnick mn furmn Floofbutt
Applies the specified nickname to everyone in the server
massnickc mnc furmnc
Clear everyone's nickname
setnick N/A fursetnick @user Blurberry Muffin
Sets a nickname for a specified user. Leave blank to clear that user's nickname.

Server Administration

Commands colored as ORANGE are slightly broken to our knowledge and not confirmed. Commands highlighted in RED are confirmed broken and we are working on it.

Command Aliases Usage
autodehoist N/A furautodehoist
Sheri will autmatically dehoist nicknames so you don't have to. Run the command again to disable.
ban N/A furban @user reason
dehoist N/A dehoist
Removes hoist characters from the start of nicknames
For example: "!Nickname" is changed to "Nickname"
hackban N/A furhackban UserID reason
Bans a user by ID who is not in the server. Issues a normal ban if the user is a member. Reason optional.
infractions infraction, infr furinfractions @user
Shows warnings for a specified user. Run without mentioning to check your own warnings.
kick N/A kick @user reason
Kick a specified. Optionally add a reason
munban N/A furmunban
Clears the server's entire ban list. WARNING: This cannot be undone! Use at your own risk!
mute N/A furmute @user reason
Note: Time-specific mutes do not auto-unmute. Manual unmute via furunmute command required.
setmuterole N/A fursetmuterole role/@rolemention/roleid
unmute N/A furunmute @user
warn N/A furwarn @user reason
Warns a user and logs the infraction

AutoMod Configuration

All commands for automod configuration are currently broken and as a result, the automod functionality has been disabled due to performance issues and will be fixed in v4 with more functionality.

Invite Mirror (invite tracker) Configuration

Invite Mirror and related configuration commands are currently broken. Functionality has been disabled due to performance issues and will be merged into welcomer functionality in v4.

Fun Commands

Bored? Yeah that happens. Don't want to play a game? Well that also happens. We have some commands for you that should help you feel entertained.


Fun things are with memes 👀

Command Aliases Usage
armor N/A furarmor Pain is just spicy tickling
Custom "Nothing gets through this armour" meme
balloon N/A furballoon item 1, item 2
Custom indestructable balloon meme
boo N/A furboo item 1, item 2
Custom boo meme in which a ghost says 2 things, the second of which scares the person in the second panel
brain N/A furbrain item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4
Custom ascending brain meme
brazzers N/A furbrazzers or furbrazzers @user
Custom Brazzers logo meme
changemymind N/A furchangemymind Milk is cereal sauce
Custom change my mind meme
dab N/A furdab or furdab @user
excuseme N/A furexcuseme When someone swears in your Minecraft server
Custom excuse me wtf meme
fedora N/A furfedora or furfedora @user
humansgood N/A furhumansgood A furry Discord bot named Sheri Blossom!
Custom humans are good meme
jail N/A furjail or furjail @user
Lock you or someone else behind bars!
knowyourlocation N/A furknowyourlocation How to mine bedrock in Minecraft, FBI wants to
Custom know your location meme
laid N/A furlaid @user
Custom laid meme
magik N/A furmagik or furmagik url
Give an image a magik touch
note N/A furnote You just wasted time reading this
Custom quiz kid meme
ohno N/A furohno Meow
Custom oh no dog meme
plan N/A furplan Search for an example for a meme, Spend 30 minutes mining for gold, Break the fourth wall instead
Custom Gru's plan meme
presentation N/A furpresentation People made up dinosaur noises without ever hearing them
Custom Lisa's presentation meme
rip N/A furrip or furrip @user
Make your own headstoe!
salty N/A fursalty or fursalty @user
Adds a salt shaker GIF to a profile photo
savehumanity N/A fursavehumanity Spend all day online instead of being productive
Custom secret to save humanity meme
shit N/A furshit Discord's stability
Custom stepped in shit meme
sickban N/A fursickban @user
Custom ban this sick filth meme
slapsroof N/A furslapsroof OwO
Custom car salesman meme
stroke N/A furstroke hewwo!! OwO it me!! ur uber dwiver!! x3 ^w^ watashi waiting outside for u!!
Custom how to recognize a stroke meme
surprised N/A fursurprised doesn't sleep, complains about being tired
Custom surprised Pikachu meme
thesearch N/A furthesearch *dabs at the speed of light*
Custom will we find intelligent life meme
triggered N/A furtriggered
Trigger your profile photo, or mention someone to trigger theirs! Does not create a GIF image.
vr N/A furvr Your favorite YouTuber will some day stop making videos
Custom this VR is so realistic meme
walking N/A furawlking Windows Update when you try to restart your computer
Custom Theresa May walking meme
wanted N/A furwanted or furwanted @user Wanted poster meme

Image Manipulation

Commands colored as ORANGE are slightly broken to our knowledge and not confirmed. Commands highlighted in red are confirmed broken and we are working on it.

Command Aliases Usage
blurplefy N/A furblurplefy
holloweenify N/A furhollweenify
pinkify N/A furpinkify


We know everyone loves music, So get your jam on!

Supported Music providers

Music powered by lavalink, Creator of the music functionality can be found in furcredits!

Command Aliases Usage
play p furplay [link to song, song name, or playlist]
pause N/A furpause Required: Needs to be playing
resume N/A furresume Required: Needs to be playing
stop N/A furstop Required: Needs to be playing
disconnect dc furdisconnect
volume vol furvol [level - {1-150}] Required: Needs to be playing
skip N/A furskip Required: Needs to be playing
now np furnp
shuffle N/A furshuffle Required: Needs to be playing
repeat N/A furrepeat Required: Needs to be playing
queue N/A furqueue Required: Needs to be playing
remove N/A furremove position Required: Must have a queue as shown in furqueue
find N/A furfind songname
seek N/A furseek time Required: Needs to be playing


Commands colored as ORANGE are slightly broken to our knowledge and not confirmed. Commands highlighted in red are confirmed broken and we are working on it.

Command Aliases Usage
8ball N/A fur8ball Can i have a sandvich?
binary N/A furbinary Hewwo OwO
Converts text input to binary
daily N/A furdaily
Claim daily rewards. Optionlly give them to another user with furdaily @user.
facts N/A furfacts
flip N/A furflip @user
friend friends furfriend
heresthething htt furhtt
hi hai furhi
identitycrisis ic furic
joke N/A furjoke
munbox N/A furmunbox 10
Open multiple boxes. Limit 50 per single command use. Two minute cooldown.
owo N/A furowo hello can i have autograph?
OwO-ifies text, replacing all instances of l and r with w.
party nicknameme furparty
pun N/A furpun
randomness rnd furrnd
roast N/A furroast
tdance N/A furtdance owo whats this
unbinary N/A furunbinary 1110011 1101000 1100101 1110010 1101001 101110 1100010 1101111 1110100
Converts binary input to text
unbox N/A furunbox
Open a box and get stuff! Requires at least one box and one key.
what N/A furwhat
why N/A furwhy @user
wisdom wis furwisdom


Bored? Play some games to pass the time! 🎲

Note: As of current, user coin balances do not properly update upon furwheel win or loss. Just think of it as the game being set to free play!

Command Aliases Usage
roll 6d d6 furroll 6d
Roll a six-sided die. Roll a desired number of dice by inserting a number at the end the command.
roll 20d d20 furroll 20d
Roll a 20-sided die. Roll a desired number of dice by inserting a number at the end of the command.
slots slot furslots 200
Feeling lucky? Take a shot at Sheri's slots! Minimum bet 2 coins.
wheel wheeloffortune furwheel 200
Take a chance and spin to maybe win! Minimun bet 10 coins. NOTE: Currently does not affect coin balance.

Welcomer Configuration

Sheri comes with a very customizable welcome message for new members for your Discord server.

Placeholders are what you put in place of what you want Sheri to replace it with.

An example usage would be: furwelcomer settext Hello {USER_MENTION}, thank you for joining my server!
From there, {USER_MENTION} Would be replaced with the tag of that person joining.

As of current, Sheri's welcomer image is not customizable due to issues we currently have with it, But in the future, we will allow custom backgrounds as a patreon reward.

Welcomer Commands

Command Aliases Usage
welcomer channel N/A furwelcomer channel #channel
welcomer settext N/A fursettext {USER_MENTION} Welcome to {GUILD_NAME}, Please enjoy your stay!
welcomer toggleembed N/A furwelcomer toggleembed

Auto Role Configuration

In addition to the welcomer system, You can enable autoroles, which will add the configured roles to every user that joins your server.

Autorole Commands

Command Aliases Usage
autorole info N/A furautorole info
autorole botrole A/A furautorole botrole [role name/role mention/ role id]
autorole role N/A furautorole role [role name/role mention/ role id]
autorole disable N/A furautorole disable
autorole disablebot N/A furautorole disablebot

Persistent Roles Configuration

Have some roles where a user is not allowed to remove it? Well Sheri has you covered with this.

Persistent Roles Commands

Persistant role functionality currently does not work. We are aware of the issue and will likely have a fix for it upon the release of v4.

Command Aliases Usage
persistentrole pr furpr
persistentrole remove N/A furpr remove [role name/role mention/role id]
persistentrole add pr add furpr add [role name/role mention/role id]
persistentrole list pr list furpr list

Self roles Configuration

Want users to select roles and not have a mod constantly have to add/remove? Sheri has you covered here.

Self Roles Commands

Command Aliases Usage
iam grant furiam Gamers
iamnot revoke furiamnot Gamers
Removes a self-assignable role from a member. Only use the role name itself. Mentioning a role does not work.
selfroles add sr add fursr add Gamers
Applies a self-assignable role to the system. Only use the role name itself. Mentioning a role does not work. Role must be created before it can be added to the system.
selfroles delete sr delete fursr delete Gamers
Removes a self-assignable role from the system. Only use the role name itself. Mentioning a role does not work. Does not delete the role from the server.
selfroles list sr list fursr list
Lists all roles in the self-assignable role system.

Utility Commands

These utility commands are designed to be useful. We hope you enjoy them!

Command Aliases Usage
help N/A furhelp
Displays help information.
away N/A furaway Going out for a bit. BRB!
Set away status with an optional message to be displayed when someone mentions you
Run the command again to disable away status
colorinf N/A furcolorinf 00ff00
guildcount N/A furguildcount
Displays the number of servers, members, and bots Sheri sees
guserinfo gui furgui 139800365393510400
metrics N/A furmetrics
Displays some general server and member metrics
ping N/A furping
Returns Sheri's latency measured in miliseconds
ping all N/A furping all
Returns Sheri's latencey across all shards measued in miliseconds. Mainly useful for diagnostics.
poll N/A furpoll What do you think about this command?
prefix N/A furprefix
Lists current prefixes for Sheri
prefix set N/A furprefix set $
Adds a desired custom prefix
prefix remove N/A furprefix remove $>
Removes a custom prefix
server guild furserver
userinfo user furuser OR furuser @user